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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. Create an interactive design showcase: Showcase the latest projects created by the Strenson Design team, along with interactive elements such as 3D models and motion graphics.

2. Develop a custom portfolio builder: Allow users to create custom portfolios of their work with the help of Strenson Design’s custom portfolio builder.

3. Integrate a blog: Include a blog section on the site that features articles and tutorials written by the team, as well as interviews with industry professionals.

4. Create a resource library: Develop a library of resources for designers, such as design templates, graphic assets, and tutorials.

5. Offer online courses: Create online courses that cover topics such as design principles, web development, and branding.

6. Develop an online community: Create an online community where designers can come together to discuss projects, share ideas, and ask questions.

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